Monday, February 23, 2009

Amazing productivity booster application

While I was cleaning up my computer for the Lunar New Year, and deleting unwanted, outdated files, applications setups; defragmenting hard drive I came across the Al Morale. It's small application which compliments, praises you through the roof :D. Please download the application demo and use it. It was made in 2004 but it's worth checking it up. I like to keep him working for me during stressful days - not just stressful, it makes me laugh no matter when :)

Download it from here

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Aztushig said...

Hey. I really liked this application. But it seems to have some charge for having full version. And i'm wondering if you have full version. If you do, then could you pass me that one? I want to try it with full version.
Btw, i'm in your yahoo contact list as the_dunkirk_spirit.

Thank you!