Monday, February 16, 2009

Food war?

Startling video. I'm going to grow some vegetable this Spring. Starting with some potatoes. Back to the basics? What would you do with all the money, if there's nothing to eat? I'm not going to plant and take care of them, but will invest in the food sector.


Aztushig said...

oh, tnx. It's really sth we've to think about it!

Jenni said...

goodluck on planting potatoes. I am planning to plant some carrots. So you can send me some of yours and i can send some of mine. So we both have 2 of them. how about that?

Gantulga T. Tul /Тул овогтой Т. Гантулга/ said...

1kg:1kg ratio? Done! :)