Friday, April 03, 2009

Tough decision 2 and right brain development

On December 31, 2007 I've written very "mysterious" entry to my blog about 3 major decisions that could shake up my life for better or worse. Now is the second time I'm facing similar situation.

In 2008 I've joined XacBank and done my share of work for 11 months and 9 days. Left it, due to my future plan.

Last year's goal of H3 was almost achieved, but I was f*d up due to my low EQ. Therefore working on my right brain development. Taking up reading, hobby that will help me achieve the goal. EQ is necessary guys! Learn from my mistake and work up on your EQ along with your IQ, time spent on it will help you avoid very strange, collected emotional behavior or weakness. I suggest you to remind yourself what Anger Management (2003) tells. Some call EQ as soft skills, others say experience - I need both. By putting things in order I'll take up the best and shortest route to my target destination and will enjoy the ride.

Now, until 2012 I'm considering to join a one of the five different companies and one NGO. Two of the companies are telling me that making a targeted sum of 2M$ in a little over 3 years is a pessimistic goal! Now, isn't that an attention grabber? Let me weigh the options and get down to business sooner.


Jenni said...

Choose the crazy new shit way man!!!

Gantulga T. Tul /Тул овогтой Т. Гантулга/ said...

Considering them with utmost seriousness ;)