Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Civil unrest in Mongolia - Maybe just the tip of iceberg!

It's my second time living a country where State of Emergency is called up. Too bad this time it's in my home-country. In 2004 while traveling through Nepal I had the shivering through my spine, soldiers with assault rifle checked our passport every 10 KM.

Now - it's in my home town. Cars set on fire, people got injured, were shot at and killed. WTF? In the video nurse is explaining the fact a man was chased after with a black car and shot at, he collapsed after rushing into the ambulance near the place where riot was held. Another person died due to fire in the MPRP building, hundreds of people were injured and sent to hospital.

Just the Government held TV is operational. None of public web portals are working. It's quite ridiculous in a sense but very effective method to calm the raging mass - I guess.

I've seen couple of armored personnel carrier on the Peace avenue - "Fifth avenue" of Ulaanbaatar today, with soldiers carrying AK-47. They are ready to fire - given permission to arrest anyone who doesn't have ID during curfew between 22:00-08:00 in the center of city.

At least 800 were arrested and questioned during the first night. Questioning was "not so nice" - What a waste!

Exactly a year ago, I wrote about an extreme point of view in here. If the media is allowed to report freely, those who expressed their interest above may do what they were saying a year ago!

People say and report about all possible causes behind this bull shit - if you know Russian read following two articles 1, 2 - which reports about possible uranium deal between Russian government and Ruling party in Mongolia.

To sum up: Anger can't be held indefinitely, "fire was was set" by the election result - as it was against all logical reasons.

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