Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bright news

Let face it, we're being bombarded with shady news all day and night, but there are few you could get some relief from them in Mongolia, some are here:

1. New Laboratory opens: Happy Veritas - a liver specialized laboratory is opened up and it's quite crowded, doctor's appointment time is filled till February 07, 2009 as of today.
2. Mongolian Professional's Portal started: Former colleague of mine, Bayarsaikhan opened up a portal called BizNetwork, similar to LinkedIn. Main goal is to network professionals together and make a synergy among them.
3. Bright newspaper started: Mr. Amarsaikhan started to publish newspaper, mostly educational columns including economics, ecology, new technology, paraphycology, virtual news, history, literatury - no dirty politics.
4. New book is about to be released: Three bloggers (Dulguun, Ogoo, Igaa) I personally know are almost over with their translation of Mr. Obama's book "Audacity of Hope". And within a matter of day or two gonna have it released to the public.

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