Monday, March 15, 2010

Harvard Business Review March, 2010

Harvard Business Review – Best practices for running anything from a railroad to a recovering dotcom.

Harvard Business Review brings you management ideas and insights, research results, and first-person accounts of real problems and solutions from the world of business.

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Set agendas for thought and action. Shape management practice. Give solid advice and solutions. Stimulate innovation. Lead!

The March 2010 issue have the following contents:

  • The Big Idea: Funding Eureka! by Nathan Myhrvold
  • Bold Retreat: A New Strategy for Old Technologies by Ron Adner and Daniel C. Snow
  • Harnessing Your Staff’s Informal Networks by Richard McDermott and Douglas Archibald
  • Leadership Lessons from India by Peter Cappelli , Harbir Singh , Jitendra V. Singh , and Michael Useem
  • The Globe: How BMW Is Defusing the Demographic Time Bomb by Christoph H. Loch , Fabian J. Sting , Nikolaus Bauer , and Helmut Mauermann
  • How I Did It: Giving Up the CEO Seat by Jeffrey Hollender
  • From the Editor: Do You Have the Right Point of View? by Adi Ignatius
  • Finding Your Strategy in the New Landscape by Pankaj Ghemawat
  • Roaring Out of Recession by Ranjay Gulati , Nitin Nohria , and Franz Wohlgezogen
  • Are You Ready to Rebound? by Donald Sull
  • and much more
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